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    Mob/What's App:  0086-18736032500




    Mob/What's app : 0086-18736032500

    Tel : 0086-371-86623270   

    E-mail : gycleaner@163.com

    Skype : rita.wei6

    Add : NO.81  Kexuedadao Road,Gaoxin Zone,
    Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China


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    Application Of High Pressure Cleaner Machine

    Application Of High Pressure Cleaner Machine

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    We are manufacturer of high pressure cleaner which can be used for many industrial cleaning,such as paint remove/rust remove/dirty cleaning/industrial tube pipe cleaning/condenser pipe cleaning,etc

    1. Many area industrial cleaning purpose, heat exchanger tube cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, pipe cleaning, reactor tank cleaning, filter screen cleaning, boil cleaning, tank cleaning, etc…

    2.Pipe pressure test, valve / hose pressure test, hydro pressure test, etc

    3.Water injection

    4.Cement plant pipe cleaning, grease remove from the equipment surface, fouling layer removal

    5.Construction industry, car/truck cleaning, mixing drum/tank cleaning, tar/cement/agglutinant cleaning, etc…

    6. Food processing plant, mixing tank cleaning, grease/ fouling layer / residual removal, evaporator/boil cleaning, etc

    7. Shipyard rust removal, paint removal, ship hull cleaning, boat surface cleaning, dirt removal, sea creatures remove from the hull bottom.

    8.Metallurgy plant, heat exchanger tube cleaning, boil, feed tank, warehouse dirt cleaning, descale removal…

    9.Machine producing plant, volume / pipe / tank / rust / oxide skin cleaning…

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