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    Mob/What's App:  0086-18736032500




    Mob/What's app : 0086-18736032500

    Tel : 0086-371-86623270   

    E-mail : gycleaner@163.com

    Skype : rita.wei6

    Add : NO.81  Kexuedadao Road,Gaoxin Zone,
    Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China


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    About Us

    About Us

    ZhengZhou GuangYuan Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd.

    ZhengZhou GuangYuan Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd founded in 2003, is committed to explore the field of a high pressure water jet market brand. with the wisdom of the field in recent fifteen years.

    Self accumulation, rolling development, a new model of the high pressure cleaning machine industry of our country.

    Main products: High pressure cleaning machine, sewer tube cleaning machine, industrial pipe cleaning machine, shipyard rust remove machine, high pressure pump, high pressure water descaling system, wet sand blasting machine for rust paint remove; etc. Our cleaning machine can be applied in both industrial and family cleaning, such as shipyard, power plant, starch factory, etc. Which are used for pipe cleaning, pressure test, shipyard rust remove, paint remove, building surface cleaning, concrete cutting, etc.

    The high pressure cleaning machine, pressure range from 150bar to 1500bar , could be drive by electric power, gasoline engine or diesel engine. Could be customized.

    Thank you for reading this preface. Welcome to contact with us fro more details.

    About Us

    About Us

    Welcome to ZhengZhou GuangYuan Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd . Contact with us for more details.


    Gasoline engine Sewer Drain Cleaning Machine